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Orange is the New….

Fight off the flu with veggies & fruit.

Fight off the flu with veggies & fruit

Spring colds & flu have been rampant lately (fell victim myself), so be sure to pump yourself full of antioxidants in whatever way you can. I’m fighting back with blueberry & super green powder smoothies, lots of spinach & kale and juicy oranges.

The next 7 weeks of DDoW Menus features, in fact, lots of orange-colored dishes to herald spring and boost our Vitamin A levels, ranging from Ethiopian Millet & Sweet Potatoes to Butternut Squash Soup. And green too, of course.

Orange ya glad I said orange?

Without further ado, here’s the menu cycle. To order any of those weeks’ dishes, go to the Order Form on the Order page. Learn more about DDoW.


Mar 24 – 29 – PALEO WEEK

A 'spiralizer' makes awesome noodles out of veg & fruit!

A ‘spiralizer’ makes awesome noodles out of veg & fruit!

Carrot Coconut Soup  Vegan, gluten-, soy-free, no added sugars, Paleo. Thai flavors such as lemongrass & ginger make this basic combo interesting. I was inspired by a pumpkin soup recipe in a Martha Stewart’s Everyday Living mini-mag. 

Veggie Noodle Salad in Ginger Peanut Dressing  Vegan, gluten-free, no added sugars, Paleo; contains GF tamari and peanuts. Lovely crunchy No-Carb salad with ‘noodles’ made of carrots, zucchini and daikon, plus bean sprouts, in everybody’s favorite dressing.

Mar 31 – Apr 5

"Appetite for Reduction" by Isa Moskowitz.

“Appetite for Reduction” by Isa Moskowitz.

Scarlet Barley. Vegan, soy-free, no added sugars; contains gluten. A brilliantly hued beets & barley dish from Moskowitz’ Appetite for Reduction vegan cookbook. Factoid: beets have 6 times the iron of carrots. Women, eat your beets!

Black Bean Veg Salad. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars. Spiked with citrus & crunchy veg to complement the earthy barley dish.

Apr 7 – 13

Ethiopian Millet & Sweet Potatoes.  Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars.   Another dish adapted from Appetite for Reduction cookbook. This millet pilaf has an interestingly spiced tomato sauce, reminiscent of an Indian curry but not quite. Sweet potatoes add sweetness and moisture. Not spicy hot. [Millet dries out fast, so sprinkle some water on it before you reheat.]

Green Beans & Lentil Cassoulet.  Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars.   A lightly braised combo in a light broth with a bit of ginger that won’t overwhelm the Millet dish.

Apr 14 – 20

Garbanzo Piccata w/ Spinach (my photo).

Garbanzo Piccata w/ Spinach (my photo).

Garbanzo & Mushroom Piccata.  Vegan, soy-free, no added sugars. Also from the Appetite for Reduction cookbook. Guess it’s Moskowitz Month!  I was very happy with this dish last year — substantial yet not heavy, in a light wine sauce brightened with lemon, capers & parsley. This time I’m adding mushrooms.

Green Rice.  Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars. Eco-farmed brown rice mixed with chopped organic spinach & green peppers.

Apr 21 – 27  PALEO WEEK

Butternut Squash Soup w/ Red Chile & Mint (Splendidtable.com)

Butternut Squash Soup w/ Red Chile & Mint (Splendidtable.com)

Butternut Squash Soup w/ Red Chile & Mint. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars, Paleo. Got this lovely and interesting recipe from the Splendid Table newsletter with which to use up my stock of Sno-Pac frozen organic squash. 

Cabbage & Carrot Slaw in Grapefruit Ginger Vinaigrette Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars, Paleo. A light, crunchy & refreshing complement to the silken soup and, packed with vitamins and fiber.

Apr 28 – May 3 

Sweet Red Pepper Soup – Paleo.  Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars, Paleo. This popped up in my inbox from Vegetarian Times newsletter. More orange & red!  And only 120 cal per serving. It’s meant to be garnished with a swirl of basil cream, but I’ll do a basil pistou instead. You can add some basil pesto, cream or yoghurt yourself.

Wheat Berry & Veg Salad. Vegan, soy-free, no added sugars; contains gluten. A toothsome marinated salad featuring chewy wheat berries, crunchy veg and some dried cranberries.

May 5 – 11  

Chicken Mafe Stew w/ Spinach. Sub beans for meat.

Chicken Mafe Stew w/ Spinach. Sub beans for meat.

Black-eyed Peas & Green Beans in Mafe Sauce. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars; contains peanut butter. A traditional West African stew in a tomato-based sauce that is mild and comforting. Mafe sauce has been repeatedly approved by kids, so if your kids can get over the beans & veg, they’ll like it.  Not spicy.

Millet & Greens. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars. Millet is a staple of Africa and therefore the perfect complement to Mafe Stew. And, it’s very high in protein. If you’ve never cooked millet, try it! It comes out like a nutty-tasting couscous. 

May 12 – 18

Potato, Leek & Minted Pea Soup – Paleo. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars, Paleo. Here’s a nice comfort soup with a twist — a nod to spring in anticipation of the beginning of our harvest season. Unfortunately, it won’t have locally grown peas and mint b/c it will be too early. 

White Beans w/ Carrots, Kale & Sage. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars.  A simple mixture w/ orange & green veg, aromatically seasoned with sage.

May 19 – 25  VACATION 

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Four Weeks of Flavors

Finally!  Delivered Dish of the Week Menus April 15 – May 10
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Thai Green Beans (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

Marinated Green Beans Salad (photo by Brad Dahlgaard)

April 15 – 20
Creamy Lentil & Mushroom Soup  GF, V, contains tofu
might sneak some kale in there, you know I can’t help myself.

Greek-Style Green Beans & Rice
 P, V, GF, SF
Green beans in a garlic-tomato confit with rice. Adapted from Crescent Dragonwagon’s “Bean for Bean: A Cookbook”. Who doesn’t want a name like that?

Carrot Radish Salad in Citrus Cinnamon Vinaigrette

Carrot Radish Salad in Moroccan Orange Vinaigrette

April 22 – 27
Tart Pan-Roasted Chickpeas with Black Olives & Barley  V, SF   (Barley is optional for GF)  Recipe from Lynne Rossetto Kasper, Splendid Table. She says serve this with a salad of arugula, oranges & red onion. Yes ma’am!

Carrot, Radish & Arugula Salad in Moroccan Orange Vinaigrette   P, VGF, SF   Daikon, the white strips in the photo at right, is a mild Asian white radish (resembling a giant carrot) now found in many Twin Cities grocery stores and at Farmers’ Markets in summer. It’s very mild, not peppery at all. A kid-friendly source of fiber.

April 29 – May 4
Deconstructed California Roll Salad   VGF, SF
I’m pretending it’s summer. This is exactly what you think: layers of sushi rice, pickled ginger, crunchy cukes, creamy avocado and nori strips. You supply the wasabi.

Super Slaw in Sesame Dressing  P, VGF, SF
Lots of crunchy cabbage, kale, carrots, radish, possibly apples. If I can think of a complementary protein source, I’ll add it.

May 6 – 11
Potato & Cauliflower Salad w/ Harissa dressing  
P, V, GF, SF
Harissa is an intense, addictive paste of peppers. I’ll try to make it mild-medium. Recipe from “Mediterranean Fresh” by Joyce Goldstein, to which I’ll add celery. See ‘Decisions Decisions” post for more about this ‘bible’ cookbook.

Black Bean Soup  V, GF, SF

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  • I’ll be serving up apps, talking about what goes best with grilled foods and brandishing knives at an FGI designers networking event being hosted by the award-winning landscaping design firm Phillips Garden in Mpls. We’re pretending it’s summer, too. 
  • Come find AUNTY OXIDANT at the Brooklyn Center EarthFest on Sat April 20th! I’ll be demoing and handing out SuperFood Slaw. Brandishing knives, of course. 1pm – 4pm at Brooklyn Center High School, https://www.facebook.com/BrooklynCenterEarthFest
  • If you attend Urban Arts Academy’s silent auction gala or We Can Grow Earth Day fundraiser at Hazel’s Northeast, you might see a gift certificate from One Dish up for bids!  You could go home with a private cooking lesson for 4 !  Better yet, get your friend to bid on it and then invite you.

Carrots and Kale and Collards, Oh My

Blanched Carrot & Kale Salad in Orange Ginger Vinaigrette.

These last few weeks I’ve been featuring a lovely seasonal dish, Carrot Kale Salad in Orange Ginger Vinaigrette, which I first made with cooking camp students (see late Aug posts). I handed it out at the Farm 2 School Community BBQ last week, at the little Farmers’ Market which pops up in the parking lot of the Inver Grove Hts Community Center, and at a Health & Wellness fair.

I will also be teaching this and 3 other kale dishes in Super Food classes @ Robbinsdale and Inver Grove Hts community education next week. More on that in next post.

This salad rocks! Everybody loves it. The full recipe for salad and the vinaigrette is now on the Recipe page. It’s all about Complementarity. As any art students will tell you, the color orange’s opposite is the color green. Similarly, the natural sweetness of carrots balances the earthy ‘green’ taste of kale, and, orange juice enlivens them both. And you know that brightly colored food are the most healthful; antioxidants are what make them colorful in the first place.

This vinaigrette is fairly tangy at first, perhaps a bit sour for some kids unused to vinegar — but it mellows after a day. It also depends on the sweetness of orange juice concentrate you use and whether you use white wine vinegar or cider vinegar. It’s excellent on mixed green salads and grain salads. Combine this carrot kale salad with Quinoa, for instance.

“Dinosaur” lacinato kale (back) and regular curly kale (front).

Quite a few people told me they liked kale in this salad more than they expected. Perhaps because blanching fresh kale takes off the bitter edge while producing a chewy texture. Blanching leafy greens like kale or collards is a great way to keep their deep green color & nutrients. It’s also really fast. As you & yours come to like blanched kale, use more kale and fewer carrots in this salad.

Blanching is also the first step in freezing these hardy leafy greens. Anytime you plan a dish with kale/collards, blanch 2 batches and freeze one in a ziploc for later. Right now, they’re a dollar/bunch at the farmers’ market, where they’ll be available thru Dec.

About stalks: you can chop up the upper stalks with the leaves or strip them off, depending on the dish. For a stew or soup, leave them on, since they’ll get soft during simmering. For a salad, a saute or a quick braised dish, strip them off. (If you wish, chop stalks finely and save for that stew/soup.) 

Chopped kale ready to be blanched.

TECHNIQUE TIP: Strip leaves off kale or collards easily with a ‘corn-shucking’ motion. Grab a stalk in one hand, leaves pointing down. Fold the 2 sides of leaves together with your other hand, with rib facing the opposite way. Pull down sharply like you are shucking corn, and then only the rib remains. Roll 4-5 of the rib-less leaves together like a cigar, then chop into shreds.

Now what?
1. Add raw shreds to cabbage or mixed green salad.
2. Add raw shreds to ramen noodle or Posole soup.
3. Blanch, drain, squeeze out water & freeze.
4. Blanch for salads. Drizzle w/ sesame dressing (ala co-op deli) or peanut dressing.
6. Saute w/ garlic, olive oil, lemon juice; or, add sesame oil, soy sauce & chilli pepper flakes.
7. Add to quiche, casseroles, ratatouille. Throw into pasta sauce, cassoulets, curry, soup. Nice in chili & any bean dish. (Use ‘search” to find past posts on Beans & Greens.)

Kale shreds, blanched. My favorite long-handled sieve.

Back to the Carrots & Kale salad. Like 90% of my salads, it keeps for a week+. When you’re tired of it as a salad, simmer with a little water or broth — or coconut milk —  6-8 min til tender and serve hot.

UTENSIL TIP: go to Asian grocery and buy a sieve with long handle for scooping out blanched or boiled veggies, noodles, potatoes, etc. This handy utensil saves time, since it’s bigger than a slotted spoon. Not pouring out the hot water means you can re-use it for multiple veggie-blanching batches and soup, too.
The sieve comes in different bowl sizes and handle lengths and range from $3 – 7. Don’t bother getting a small one.

Appearing Live, with Knives, Near You!

Aunty Oxidant at Kingfield Market in So Mpls. That’s kohlrabi in front.

You have 2, repeat, 2 chances to see me demo fresh healthful salads at Farmers Markets this weekend!  Come get free tips, recipe cards and, of course, free food samples.

FRIDAY JULY 13TH, 4.30 – 6.30pm at West Broadway market, on Broadway at Bryant Ave North (few blocks from Hwy 94 Broadway exit). This new-ish satellite market is improving food access in a neighborhood that sorely needs it.

SUNDAY JULY 15TH, 10.30am -1pm at Kingfield market on Nicollet (4300 block across from Anodyne Cafe). This one is aimed squarely at kids. My Lil Locavores show features skits about nutrition and invites kids to make salads w/ me, using craft scissors!

Kohlrabi is from the cabbage family and therefore contains particularly beneficial antioxidants.

July 1st’s demo at Kingfield was great!  People enjoyed Raw Beet & Beet Green Salad in 2 different vinaigrettes and Minted Asian Kohlrabi Salad, then went home with recipe cards to make them at home.

Thanks to Erik Brown Realty for sponsorship of Kingfield’s “The Veggie Butcher” demo series, and for kindly stepping in as #1 chopper.

See Recipe page for these dishes & vinaigrettes and more.

Earth Day Dinner De-brief

Wednesday was a whirlwind, with two special events back to back — and extra deliveries on Tues to compensate. In the morning, at the Active Aging Info Fair held by Inver Grove Heights Community Center, I handed out last week’s DDoW, Kamut Salad in Orange Mint Vinaigrette, to all sorts of people, and had my Whole Grains & Beans Kit on display. This is a compartmental craft box that I’ve filled with 40 kinds of dried whole grains and legumes, instead of nails or beads. It’s useful to see what the dried stuff looks like, esp if you want to go find & buy. FYI, I’ll be teaching a couple classes at IGH this summer. 

Then I packed up my demo and went to cook the Earth Day dinner I mentioned last week, for 50 eco-minded folks, at First Universalist Church in Mpls. Kind volunteers peeled and chopped half a peck of parsnips for the Parsnip Celery Parsley soup. I added some white beans for protein and pureed ginger for zing. We ended up not pureeing it as planned (using an immersion blender on such a large quantity takes a good 30 min), and it was just fine. Parsnips are even sweeter than carrots. The soup was a bit too sweet, in fact. Next time I’d add chopped kale and potatoes or turnips for counter-balance.
We made croutons w/ left-over frozen wheat bread for the soup; gluten-free crackers were also on table. Fresh croutons, very nice!
tracy yue

“Aunty Oxidant” demos fresh raw salads.

Then, when attendees arrived, I presented a brief Aunty Oxidant demo and got the assistance of a third-grader and a teen. I demo’d Beet & Carrot Slaw in Balsamic Vinaigrette — just like my go-to Firecracker Slaw but with a Balsamic instead of a Chipotle Vinaigrette. The girls chopped up the fresh beet greens to add to this salad-vaganza. 

Then, for another salad, I combined more White Beans, assorted fresh veggies and Orange Mint Vinaigrette. See how this mix & match approach works? You get more variety and efficiencies. 
Another organization donated a huge almond cake remaining from another party, so of course, we took it. Waste not!  This meant I had to make only one small gluten-free chocolate cake (from mix). I also served Vegan Chocolate Pudding (from mix, w/ silken tofu base) and Organic Coconut Date Rolls, to cover the no-dairy no-soy base. This sounds like a lot of work, but these terrific mixes make it a snap. OK, maybe that was one dessert too many, but, is there really such a thing?
FYI, I use Simply Organic brand GF cake mix (both the Yellow and the Devil’s Food Chocolate are excellent) and Mori-Nu brand vegan chocolate pudding mix w/ Mori-Nu silken tofu. I order the addictive coconut-date rolls and I think you can buy them retail from the co-ops. Lovely as a snack and as dessert. 

Harvesting Justice: Farmworkers, Food and You

Craft scissors are perfect for kids in the kitchen. These sous chefs are making fancy roast beet & beet greens salad.

Come eat a tasty organic dinner & discuss food justice at an Earth Day Dinner & Film Nite next Wed eve, Apr 25th, at First Universalist Church @ 3400 Dupont Ave So, Mpls.  It’s family-friendly w/ kid activities and child care. Kids will see film about Cesar Chavez while adults watch “The Harvest”.  Starts 5.30pm, Dinner at 6pm, Films follow. 

I’m making dinner w/ volunteers, plus, I’m doing my Aunty Oxidant interactive cooking demo@ 5.30pm.  The full show, “Little Locavores”, was developed for the Mpls Farmers Market in 2009. The kids help me make salads and act in skits about Antioxidants and Locavores, and if there’s time, we play games like “Hot Kohlrabi”, “Name That Vegetable” or “Farmer Obstacle Course”.

As usual, my menu is gluten-free & vegan.  Is this hard to plan? No. Will it be wholesome, toothsome yet gobsmackingly good? Yes.

ALL ORGANIC MENU:  Beet Slaw, Quinoa Salad*, Tossed Greens, Pureed Parsnip, White Bean & Celery Soup w/ Parsley Coulis, local bread & Hope butter, gluten-free beet chocolate cake, vegan chocolate pudding, navel oranges. Bean quesadillas available for picky kidlets.

Pureed Parsnip Parsley Soup

Event: Harvesting Justice: Farmworkers, Food and You
Venue: First Universalist Church @ 3400 Dupont Ave So, Mpls
Time: 5.30pm – 8pm.
Childcare: Free.
Cost: Nada (donations accepted)
Cool Quotient: High.

RSVP online at http://firstuniv.org/EarthDay2012


* Variants of Beet Slaw and Quinoa Salad are on my Recipe Page.

Cooking Classes at The Grove: Kale. It’s What’s for Dinner.

I will be offering a couple more cooking classes this winter at Inver Grove Hts Community Center (south east suburb). I taught some this past fall (see previous posts from Oct). We’re going to be focusing on Kale and possibly Quinoa. I’m always advocating for the leafy green veggies like kale, collard greens, turnip green, beet greens, et al. Check out my Delivered Dish of the Week menu archives: I’ve served up dozens of dishes with these greens this past year, and more are coming!

Clockwise from top: "Dino" Lacinato kale, collard greens, turnip greens, red radishes in center. Photo by Brad Dahlgaard 2009.

These sturdy greens, many in the cabbage (cruciferous) family, are much more nutritious than salad greens, which are mostly water. There’s so much you can do to incorporate these versatile and super-nutritious greens into easy dishes & soups, and, to enjoy all by themselves.

For instance, see my recipe for Super Green Split Pea Soup (scroll down a few entries). Another really nice one is Kale & Yam pureed soup which I got from the “Love Soup” cookbook and made for DDoW clients in November.

I love to pair kale/collards with yam aka sweet potatoes — the sweetness and starch of yam complements the greens. And, you get 2 superfoods in one dish. The upcoming Mafe Stew for DDoW is a good example.

The cooking class students will make 4 different Kale dishes in one session, such as raw in salad, braised with beans, and also baked kale ‘chips’. Kale is also used in fruit & veg smoothies, and no, they don’t taste like pureed salad!

The Grove has a big community room with a kitchen, mostly used by IGH’s senior center programs. The downside is this kitchen lacks a stove!  It does have an oven. I’ll be bringing a large electric wok and probably a hot plate to cook the kale.